Effective Leadership Outline: Productivity, Precision and Passion

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Eleven Ten Training Institute’s Business Professional Development Program for Senior Managers, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and their teams (BPD Program).
In British Columbia, small businesses employing 50 people or less comprise 98% of all business and 30% of the province’s gross domestic product. Small and start-up businesses face unique challenges concerning capacity building around human resource management, strategic management, business planning, sound process and healthy financial outcomes. The BPD Program uses a combined relationship and systems-based approach to examine business structures, processes, and functions within an organization and its leadership. Learners, both new entrants to the business world and seasoned professionals, will experience a deep exploration of personal strengths and values as they harness their business acumen to inspire and lead others to innovative business solutions. The goal is to become an effective leader who strategically aligns organizational objectives with individual development so that both roads lead to outstanding performance.

Subject Overview: Fundamental Leadership Skills

The Fundamental Leadership Skills Program begins October 3rd 2021. It is limited to 12 participants at any one time and requires a commitment of one evening (three hours) per week over the course of eight weeks (24 hours in total).
Subject Purpose
The overall purpose of this subject is to ensure participants develop and maximize the critical social and emotional intelligence required to build collaborative relationships, manage change and create an equitable and inclusive organizational culture. This program is designed for emerging and experienced leaders to identify and understand their own leadership style and existing skills as a leader as they start or further their leadership development journey.

Every organization’s success is determined by the leadership’s understanding of the work of its employees, specifically how managers and their teams can discover, develop and use their individual and collective talents for greater engagement and productivity. Effective leaders have a clear and compelling performance goal(s) or challenge(s) and ensure all their employees know how they contribute to accomplishing those performance goals. They provide high-level expertise and advice, which often influences key strategic decisions.

Business success is directly affected by the leadership strategies implemented, and in today’s highly competitive business landscape where every business is trying to outperform their competitors, it is extremely important for business professionals (at all levels) to develop a good understanding of their leadership style and how that helps them in the implementation of vision and values, boost morale, ensure effective communication and secure appropriate resources in the contemporary market while acting in an ethical and socially responsible manner..

Subject Summary

Using the following seven (7) modules, this Fundamental Leadership Skills program is designed to provide an in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of leadership and how it applies to the contemporary world. It addresses the questions of how to be a leader of people, of organizations and of self.
Module 1: Understanding Paradigms
Understanding the difference between conventional command and control, top-down management techniques and strength-based leadership framework. Recognize the autonomy of employees and how to identify relevant strengths using a proven framework.
Module 2: Individual Leadership Comes First
Effective leaders need to understand their own personal strengths first before they can begin to lead others. This module covers the “Name-it, Claim it, Aim it’ strategy
Module 3: Building Out The Team
Identifying fit for your team beyond skills and attitude. Understanding how to build a team that is balanced across all four dimensions of; Strategic Thinking, Execution, Relationship Building and Influencing.
Module 4: Creating Clear and Compelling Goals
Understanding how to extract and create clear goals from the competing needs of the organization. Learn how to engage employees in executing on high performance objectives.
Module 5: Strength Partnerships
Learn how strengths-based partnerships help teams mitigate failure and achieve higher performance. Understand how partnerships can help individuals achieve exponentially greater performance. Understand how to effectively manage poor performance.
Module 6: Constant Feedback
Understand how the conversation roadmap converts into continual, positive feedback. Learn the importance of managers adopting a coaching versus instructive approach.
Module 7: Engagement Tools
Learn why engagement is the strongest predictor of high performing teams. Learn which tools to use and when to apply them. Understand common engagement challenges and how to overcome them.

Subject Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, participants will be able to assess their current knowledge, skill, and discipline as a leader, applying the lessons from the course immediately to their professional and personal interactions. The participants will be able to:
Improve team productivity by 12.5%*
Improve organizational profitability by 8.7%*
Define and understand strengths-based leadership styles
Understand the unique contribution each individual team member is capable of providing to a team
Build high performing teams using the four domains of strength (Strategic Thinking, Execution, Influencing, Relationship Building)
Lead individuals and teams in developing appropriate, clear and compelling goals that are aligned with the organizational objectives.
Understand how to create partnerships within teams and manage underperformance.
Motivate teams by effectively using the conversation roadmap to create constant, positive feedback.
Increase the level of employee engagement which is directly linked to high performance.
* Gallup Technical Report 2020

Certification Qualifications

Each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion from The Eleven Ten Training Institute for mastering leadership fundamentals. This Certificate of Completion represents 20% of the BPD Program fulfilment.

Summary of Assessment Tasks

The evaluation criteria used for this course are represented below. Specific course evaluation information will be provided by the instructor at the start of the course.
Criterion % of Final Grade (may be represented as a range):
40% - Course work (activities, assignments, essays, reports, etc.)
20% - Quizzes and Exams
40% - Simulations/Lab Attendance/Participation (in class or online)
100% - Total


Tara Dobbs
Tara Dobbs is an experienced entrepreneur and is in demand for her expertise in building high performing, strengths-based workplace cultures. Tara left her successful career in the financial services industry in order to help her father run his disaster restoration business while he battled liver cancer. Tara took over and successfully ran the multi-million dollar business for eight years after her dad passed away before winding it down due to changes in the insurance industry. While working as a corporate recruiter Tara discovered the impact positive psychology was having on businesses and individuals and decided to change careers and obtain the necessary credentials. Tara then began partnering with individuals and organizations seeking to create high-performing cultures based on the Gallup CliftonStrengths platform. Tara is a Sandler Solutions trained professional.
Tara holds a B.A. from the University Of British Columbia and is a former member of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). She holds certifications from the Gallup Organization as a Certified Strength Coach and is a CoreClarity facilitator. Tara and her team at the Eleven Ten Training Institute work with select leaders and clients in Canada, USA, Singapore, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, UK and India.

Peter Holgate
Peter J. Holgate is a well-rounded business leader, having created more than $200M in enterprise value in starting and building 6 businesses over the past 25 years. Peter’s leadership and passion in the circular economy has garnered attention from industry organizations and government, earning respected awards for Ronin8. Peter is a global thought leader, and in addition to having his insightful articles featured in leading publications such as World Economic Forum, Recode, Financial Post and Wired he has also authored two published books: Strategy Hack: 3 Steps to Build a Successful Strategy (2011) and I’m Great (and You’re Not): How an Olympian Taught me to Play Well with Others (2019).
Peter holds a Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree from Simon Fraser University with a focus on business strategy. Peter successfully completed the Harvard Business School Strategic Negotiations: Dealmaking for the Long Term Program. Peter plays an active role in the local business community including his service as Learning Chair, Finance Chair and President-Elect for the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). Peter serves on the board of the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Forum (VEF), is a mentor with the New Ventures BC (NVBC) program and is a mentor with the YELL youth program in the province. Peter is a Sandler Solutions trained Sales Professional and continues to receive ongoing Sales Coaching to improve his real-world performance.


English proficiency level
Graduation from Secondary School
Minimum 3 years' work experience
Growth Mindset

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